“Women will sleep with you on a first date!” says dating website

Chalking up another one in the ‘subverting common stereotype’ category, the Daily Mail declared:

Sex on the first date? No thanks, say MEN: Women are now happier to jump into bed with a new partner than men are

– Half of men would be turned off by a woman who wanted to have sex after going on only one date

– Only 39% of women felt the same way about men

It’s men who are desperate to leap into bed with women after just one date, right?

Wrong, according to new research suggesting that the stereotype is now defunct, and these days things are in fact the other way around.

Source: Daily Mail, 16 November 2012


Who’s behind the research?

Women are now more comfortable having sex on a first date than men are, with almost half of men actually turned off when a woman wants to get intimate after going out only once, and only 39 per cent of women feeling that way, according to dating website Parship.

That’s Parship – the dating website:


So the angle is clear: ‘Hey men, women will sleep with you if you can get a date… so you should pay to join our dating website!’