“People watch lots of repeats on TV!” says streaming-on-demand service ahead of Christmas

November 22nd, 2012

One of the hardest, but potentially most effective, tricks to pull off in Bad PR is to have the same story, from the same questionable data, spun off into two entirely separate-seeming articles.

The reasons are pretty straightforward – generating two convincing angles from the same source doubles the potential take-up of your press release, allowing you to pitch to multiple publications at various levels of the market. What’s more, diverging your angles also serves to help obscure the source and nature of the story.

Take for example, stories from the Daily Mail and the Independent from earlier in the week: 

Time well spent? Average Briton spends nine years of their life watching TV – with three years wasted on ‘rubbish’ and repeats

– British adults spend nine years of their life watching TV

– On average, they spend three-and-a-half hours in front of the small screen each day

– Five times longer than 650 days which is combined time for other activities like shopping and sport

Adults in Britain spend nine years of their life watching television – including three years wasted on “rubbish” programmes and repeats.

A survey of 2000 people found on average Britons now spend three-and-a-half hours of hours in front of the small screen each day.

Source: Daily Mail

Seasons repeatings: Nearly half of Britons will watch 25 hours of TV repeats this Christmas

The majority of British adults watch four hours of repeats every week, according to a survey.

Researchers found that 51% of adults admitted to sitting down to at least four hours of shows, aired again by broadcasters, that they had already seen before.

Half of adult viewers spend around 16 months of their lifetime watching repeats, researchers said.

The average adult spends three-and-a-half hours every day watching TV, and according to the survey for movie and TV streaming service blinkbox, nine years across an adult lifetime.

More than half (53%) of Britons have watched the same shows so often that “they can remember most of the words and say them in time with the actors”.

Source: The Independent

As you can see, while the Daily Mail pitches us a truism about daily life, The Independent warns us of the upcoming repeat-laden Christmas schedule – both around a common theme, but at first glance both very different stories. Yet, the two stories were spun from the same press release – in fact here it is on the Blinkbox website, with the full scattergun remit of facts, figures, demographics and potential storylines in place:

Of course, the angle to all of this is pretty clear – but in case you’ve missed it, here’s Blinkbox spokesman Ben Ayres in a version of this same story from the Express:

Blinkbox spokesman Ben Ayers said: “We spend 15 per cent of our adult lives glued to the TV.

Life is too short to spend three years watching repeats and rubbish programming.”

Especially when you could be spending those three years watching your Blinkbox, as advertised to you two different ways in three national newspapers on the same day…