“Parents tell lies to children!” says bakers launching new loaf for kids

November 20th, 2012

If the PR people are to be believed, parents these days certainly aren’t to be believed. Take, for instance, the following from the Express:


Tall tales can work better than a stern ticking-off, reckon mums

THE secret to being a successful modern parent is telling little white lies, according to a poll of under-pressure mums and dads.

Ninety per cent admit lying routinely or concocting fanciful stories to ensure their children stay on the straight and narrow.

Source: Express.co.uk


The Express weren’t alone in running the story, with Natalie Evans from the Mirror declaring:

“If the wind changes your face will stick like that”: 90% of parents regularly lie to their kids

A survey found that more than half of all mums and dads believe telling tall tales is the secret to successful parenting… so what lies were YOU told as a kid?

Source: Mirror.co.uk


Plus, of course, never far behind a free story from a dubious PR poll, the Daily Mail chipped in with a lengthy piece, ‘written’ by Martha de Lacy:

There’s a baby dragon in the hand-drier and a princess in your tummy’: The creative lies parents tell to make their children behave

– Some 90% of parents have a list of white lies they tell their children

– Tooth fairy lie still most popular, used by 38% of parents

The ice cream van only plays music when it’s run out of ice cream….there’s a princess in your tummy who can only eat vegetables….and there’s a baby dragon in the hand-drier who needs to practice his fire-breathing on your hands.

These are just some of the white lies parents have admitted feeding to their children to steer them onto the correct path in life, according to new research.

Source: Daily Mail


Unsurprisingly, of course, this story was taken near-wholesale from a press release put out by Warburtons, the bread people, to mark the launch of a new load of bread (no, really):


The angle is somewhat given away in the Mirror’s coverage:

“Don’t make faces or the wind will change and you’ll stick like that… eat your crusts and your hair will grow curly… carrots help you see in the dark…”Remember hearing those as a child? Then you might not be surprised to hear that a whopping 90 per cent of parents admit to routinely telling white lies to keep their kids in line.

Plus, of course, to daub the message in butter and force it down our throats we’re given a subtlety-busting quote from Mark Simester, Marketing Director of Warburtons:

Mark Simester, Marketing Director at Warburtons, said: ‘The tooth fairy is an old classic that many of us were brought up on, but parents today are using their clever and creative sides to build on this – mixing traditional and modern tactics to help keep children healthy and happy.

‘The tooth fairy is an old classic that many of us were brought up on, but parents today are using their clever and creative sides’

‘Providing children with a balanced diet has always been important to mums and dads, so we weren’t surprised to see examples of clever parenting put into practice to get goodness into kids. 

‘As we understand the challenges parents face, we have created two Warburtons Half & Half loaves – with a mix of wholemeal and white flour – as a great way for parents to sneak fibre into their child’s lunchbox.’

So, essentially, Warburtons are saying sometimes it’s OK to make things up if it means getting your point across?