“Bad weather puts us off sex!” says creepy firm still asking men to pay to for female holiday companions

July 23rd, 2012

The shocking British summer does more than put a dampener on our barbecue plans – it also dampens the fires of our passions. Or so the Daily Express would have had you believe recently:


THE wet weather has put a dampener on everything this summer – including sex.

As Britain flounders in its wettest summer for decades, a new survey has found the torrential rain has been a passion killer which puts both men and women off love-making.

See, they even used that obvious line about putting a dampener on things. However, who commissioned the survey?

The dating website MissTravel.com polled its 20,000 British members on top holiday aphrodisiacs.

Yep, our old friends at MissTravel.com – the ‘wealthy men paying for attractive girls to go on holiday with them’ site, which recently appeared on this very blog after the revelation that women who go on holiday are more likely to sleep with strangers (the implication to their customer base being obvious).

And just in case the implications weren’t obvious enough, here’s the head of the business to bludgeon anyone still not sure what he’s getting at:

Website founder Brandon Wade said there had been a surge in membership with the wet weather.

He said: “Who wants to stay in rainy Britain when they can enjoy the sunshine? Travel itself is the greatest aphrodisiac.”

If consenting adults want to enter into an arrangement whereby companionship and even sex is traded for travel or money, I’ve little issue with that – what bugs me is the pseudosociological truisms trotted out by the company in order to get press attention, and the hook-line-and-sinker approach of Express journalist Tom Morgan in publishing these blatant media-baiting sentiments.

This isn’t news; this is an advert.

Update: Many thanks to Sean Ellis, who pointed out that these ‘findings’ directly contradict previous ‘findings’. From July 1st, 2010:

Rain evidently does a lot to put people in a sexy mood, as 80 percent of U.S. adults say they have had sex during a rainstorm, a survey indicates.

The brand being promoted at the time?

A survey by the makers of Trojan Brand Condoms found 83 percent of Americans rate rain as the best weather for sexual intercourse, while seven in 10 say they have had sex during extreme weather, such as a thunderstorm, a tornado or a hurricane.

Absolutely perfect.