“You know what can beat the morning grumps? A shower!” says shower manufacturer

July 13th, 2012

From the Daily Mail on June 21st, 2012:

In a bad mood this morning? Six out of ten of us wake up grumpy

  • Brits have more than 6,000 grumpy mornings in a lifetime
  • Hot showers, tea and coffee help raise mood

Six out of ten Brits regularly wake up in a bad mood, research revealed yesterday.

A study found that on average, at least two mornings a week are blighted by black moods.

That equates to 6,292 strops over the course of a lifetime.

People are unhappy about getting out of bed? Ground-breaking research indeed. Just who do we have to thank for this discovery?

One in ten admitted they were ‘shattered’ when they woke up, while another 10 per cent said work issues made them stroppy in the mornings.

One in four of those polled by Triton Showers said they automatically woke up in a grumpy mood, often for no reason.

Excellent – that would be shower company Triton Showers. If only Triton had some handy solution to our morning grumpiness…

Triton spokesman Tina Simpson said: ‘Waking up in a foul mood is something we can all relate to, but over 6,000 mornings of our lives ruined by a shocking mood does sound rather high.

‘However it’s interesting to see that, rather than breakfast, a refreshing shower, hot drink and spell of good weather are the top three things we need to lift our mood and sets us up for the day ahead.’

Phew, thank god for that, then.