“Women something something something that popular lady-porn book!” says bandwagon-jumping bingo company

June 20th, 2012

Given the popularity – and indeed the content – of erotic fiction bestseller “Fifty Shades of Grey”, it’s little surprise that a rash of other companies targeting women might tie themselves to the spanking bandwagon with extra-durable bondage tape. Take, for example, an article featured in the Daily Mail this week:

Not tonight dear, I’m reading: Almost half of women say they would rather read about sex than have it

Survey reveals 43 per cent of women think erotic fiction makes their own sex lives seem routine and boring

Backs up Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James’ theory that her books provide readers with a ‘holiday from their husbands’


The article, chock-full of stats about the boring sex lives of British women – including the odd and somewhat unlikely stat that women would rather read about sex than actually have sex (show me the questions, I say!) – was almost certainly a direct lift from a press release, given identical claims and figures appearing a number of days earlier over at women’s magazine www.womanandhome.com.


Which company was behind this blatant bandwagon jumping? That would be Dotty Bingo, purveyors of the traditionally-stereotypical-bored-housewife’s favourite number-yelling game. 

The tactic is simple: piggyback on the back of a popular trend in your target demographic, thus attempting to link BDSM with BINGO – a case of ‘dominatrix: eighty-six’.