“Women don’t need make-up… during the day, anyway!” says make-up vendor

March 5th, 2012

Every now and then, you come across a PR bait-and-switch so brilliant that you really do have to take a step back and admire the sheer audacity and brass balls of it. This is one such case

We’re not all Desperate Scousewives! Ladies of Liverpool believe they are the most natural looking in the UK

Ladies of Liverpool do not generally have a reputation for advocating the natural look when it comes to make-up and styling.

But a new survey has revealed that the women who made the ‘scouse brow’ famous – and who frequently pile on the make-up at Aintree – believe they are the most natural looking in the UK.

The independent survey of almost 2,000 women, shows Liverpudlian lasses leave home without a scrap of make-up on 17 times a month.

Just who is it that wants to tell us that the women of Liverpool don’t need to overdo the make-up, that they’re naturally beautiful, and that they shouldn’t worry about having to spend a small fortune dolling up? You’ll be amazed.

The results of a Superdrug survey show 95 per cent of ladies living in the metropolitan city prefer to look as natural as possible – and the average girl wears a full face of make up just three days in her normal week.

Yep, Superdrug. Good for you Superdrug! I mean, it would be so, so easy for you to use the heavily-made-up faces of reality TV stars to put pressure on the average girl on the street, to make her go out and spend a small fortune on fake eyelashes and false tan. But no! You take the moral high ground, and tell girls they’re better off au naturale, even if means taking a hit in the pockets as a result. Brava!

Hats off to Sara Wolverson, Beauty Director at Superdrug, then for this bold stance. Just look at the positive, affirming, uplifting message she has for the women of Liverpool (and, by extension, anyone who wants to share in their praise):

‘We sell more false lashes than anywhere else in the country and this survey backs up these sales figures showing that Liverpool women are confident enough to step out without a scrap of make-up in the day, then transform themselves at night into a real glamour puss.

‘This is a positive message for all women out there, the secret of looking beautiful all the time is having that inner confidence, and let’s face facts, a really good moisturiser.’

Yeah! Wooo! You go sister! You’re so right, women are beautiful enough naturally to be able to go out during the day. I mean, obviously, OBVIOUSLY they need a whole hell of a lot of crap on their faces if they want to be able to venture beyond their doorstep of an evening – but that’s taken as read, surely? 

I really do have to hand it to Superdrug – this is one of the most remarkable volte-powdered-face I’ve seen, and to sell it as a story affirming the natural beauty of everyday women, too, is remarkable. I’d suggest it was bare-faced cheek, but I imagine they’d immediately try and flog me some cream to make that bare-faced cheek look ten years younger.

It’s worth pointing out, too, that Superdrug have form for this kind of stuff – here’s Sara talking last year about the (made up) fact that women feel sexy only once a week:

This poll clearly indicates that while women know exactly what they have to do in order to feel sexy, they obviously aren’t doing it often enough.

Maintaining a beautiful polished appearance can take time, something most busy women don’t have enough of.

But with a little bit of effort, such as a splash of scent, a pair of fluttering false lashes and a big smile, ladies can feel confident and incredible.

Superdrug: they’re like a girl’s best friend, but specifically that best friend who always tells you you’re looking a bit ropey and tries to flog you a series of moisturisers after they’ve ground your self-confidence down into a tiny little nub. But don’t worry! Because Superdrug’s new vitamin-enriched nub-enlifterment-cream will have that nub of yours looking artificially boosted and glowing again in no time.