“Being unable to afford things is embarrassing!” says supermarket promoting low prices

March 2nd, 2011

One mother in four mothers forced to return items at checkout in order to make ends meet

said the Daily Mail last week… erm, twice, in fact.

One in four cash-strapped mothers is being forced to return items at the checkout or buy low-cost own brand products in order to make ends meet.

In a desperate attempt to disguise the impact of the economic downturn from their children, mothers are re-filling branded cereal boxes with supermarket own brand versions.

The story also had a brief showing in The Telegraph too, as Christina Odone shared her thoughts on the findings.

Nice and simple, this one: 

The tactics being used in homes across the country have emerged in a study carried out by Asda.

Supermarket chains says some people are trying to cut costs, and that they’re the best supermarket to shop in if you want to cut costs. A bread and butter Bad PR story.