“James Bond is great” says opportunistic insurance firm

February 23rd, 2012

Sometimes, linking a news article to what you sell isn’t important – simply getting your name out in the press is goal enough for a PR article. Like this, from last Saturday:

Why Daniel’s trunks are no match for Ursula’s white bikini: From Oddjob’s deadly bowler to Blofeld’s sinister cat… Bond fans reveal the 50 memories that left them shaken and stirred

They are the quintessential moments that make James Bond such a very special agent.

Fans of the 007 movies all treasure their own favourite memories that encapsulate their hero, whether it’s Little Nellie, Bond’s one-man autogyro from You Only Live Twice, or our suave spy dressed to kill in his dinner suit.

And now, to mark 50 years of the film franchise, a survey of movie-goers has revealed their 50 essential Bond memories.

Who funded the survey?

The survey of 1,000 fans was carried out by insurance firm esure. The company’s Nikki Sellers said: ‘Bond is famous for the actors who play him, the villains and, of course, the girls.

Insurance firm esure clearly know that sometimes, just being mentioned alongside something well-loved is enough to incrementally increase perception of your brand. While nobody will overtly read this article and decide to choose esure as their insurance company, aligning the esure brand with the Bond brand is enough to add a little drip of extra warmth to the way people feel about esure – over time, this subtle effect will spur people to look favourably on esure as a brand.

Or, at least, it works when you aren’t made explicitly aware that it’s what they’re doing…