“Life at 50 is expensive, but buy private healthcare!” says private healthcare provider

February 20th, 2012

As you get older, life seems to get more expensive – but it’s important not to neglect your expensive healthcare…

The mid-life money crisis: Turning 50 marks the most expensive stage of our lives

With children flying the nest and more free time than ever, those turning 50 would be forgiven for thinking they might be able to kick back and enjoy their golden years.

But according to a new study, the tough times are only just beginning.

A new study has found that those celebrating their half-century are about to enter the most expensive stage of their lives.

said the Daily Mail, at the start of a scare story about the shocking finances of the over 50s, and how expensive life gets once you’re past the half-century.

The article was derived from a press release from Benenden Healthcare Society – in fact here’s the press release (another effort from OnePoll/72 Point).

You might think it odd that a private healthcare firm to be telling their target audience that finances are tight, and they need to prioritise? Not so:

Marc Bell added: ‘Life is getting tougher for the over 50s. The increased costs places extras pressures on the wallet, but it can also put greater pressure on mental wellbeing and the strength of relationships.

‘In the midst of this greater expense, we should not forget to prioritise our personal health. It is perhaps the time of life when maintaining good health is most vital – therefore ensuring a secure future for our family.

‘Whilst being in your 50s can be the most expensive time of life, not having safeguards such as life cover could end up leaving loved ones to pick up the pieces and to try and deal with huge financial burdens.’

So ‘even though you’re skint, don’t skimp on the healthcare or your family will be screwed when you die’. Wonderful.