“Men have close friendships with other men!” says social network site targetting men

February 17th, 2012

Another day, another awkward and annoying made-up term in the news:

OVER half of UK blokes have a bromance pal like Ant and Dec or Gavin and Smithy.

says the Daily Star

WOMEN who did not get a Valentine’s gift from their boyfriend or husband be warned – he may be enjoying a platonic “bromance” with a male friend.

says the Express.

Carrying the Star’s article on:

A survey by social site Badoo found that 55% of men had a close friendship with another man.

So it’s a press release from social networking site Badoo? Yep, it is – specifically one that was released in time for Valentine’s day, although clearly even the papers didn’t rate it worthwhile publishing at the time (they were too busy calling women fat). 

And why would Badoo want to publicise the close friendship between two men?

For the 44% of British men that have never had a bromance – Badoo.com offers them the chance to meet someone that’s like minded – whether that’s for bromance or romance