“All the cool kids are jogging in their lunch break!” says sportswear manufacturer

February 16th, 2012

The Daily Mail are always interested in explaining the very latest trends in office life, to help you stay on top of what’s hot. Like, for example, the ‘run-ch break’ – which is not just the ugliest word ever to have been portmanteaud, but also the coolest way to spend an hour away from your desk each day:

Rise of the run-ch break: How workers are swapping suits for jogging gear and exercising at lunch

More than two million British workers now exercise during their lunch break, according to a new study.

Researchers found around one in 13 employees now swap their suits for jogging gear and pound the streets while their colleagues relax and eat.  

And, over the course of the year, fitness-craving staff clock up an average of 468 miles while away from their desks.


The story can also be found in The Telegraph and The Star, which is unsurprising given that this story is actually taken from a press release promoting sportswear manufacturer Helly Hansen, who you’d imagine might have something of an interest in encouraging more people to get into exercise. Which is why their name is nicely tucked away a few paragraphs down, below the fold, all subtle.

Interestingly, while the journalist who ‘wrote’ this article for the Mail – Julian Gavaghan – made some effort to edit around the original press release towards the start of the story, below the fold not even a punctuation mark appears to have been changed – with more than 600 words of untouched press release copy making up the end of the story.

Perhaps Julian was in a rush to file the story before run-ch.