The Love Hearts PR Swizzle

February 12th, 2012

“Britain’s most romantic workplace? Love Heart factory, where 61 couples met, claims to be most lovestruck factory” declared the Daily Mail yesterday.

The makers of Love Hearts sweets claim to be the most romantic workplace in the country, because an unusually high number of their staff are said to be married to each other. 

Jeremy Dee, director at Swizzels Matlow, said: “One couple even used to pass Love Hearts down the production line to each other before they got chatting in the canteen. Love Hearts clearly inspire romance.”


Appearing just three days before Valentines day, it proved to be quite a popular story too, having also been taken up by the Telegraph, Mirror,  Metro and Express, so far (I’ll spare you the links). 

Jeremy even went as far as to deny that the figures were ‘deliberately released around Valentine’s Day in a cynical ploy to sell more sweets’, saying:

“We knew anecdotally that many were either married to each other or going out with each other, but we just did a quick ask around to find out how many were together. It’s a very close-knit place.”

Which is odd, given this diary entry in yesterday’s Independent:

Sometimes you have to admire these public relations people for the ingenuity and effort they put into trying to whip up interest in something that is truly, deeply, utterly uninteresting.

This one came yesterday from a PR person identifying herself only as Rachael: “The Swizzels Matlow factory in Derbyshire, home to the iconic Love Hearts sweets, is in the running for the most romantic workplace in Britain, after love blossomed for 61 couples. One in four of the factory’s workforce is in a relationship with a fellow colleague.”